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We are a niche procurement consultancy comprised of individuals with hands on corporate experience in addition to years of consulting experience and expertise. Built on proven success, substantiated procurement practices, personal commitment and individualized approach to ensure project and client success and sustainability.

We have held senior and executive corporate roles, skilled practitioners with many years of consulting expertise. We understand the intricacies of corporate culture and carefully tailor services and solutions to fit your company, your people, your competitive strategy and your stakeholder goals. Today's dynamic, fluid, complex and highly interdependent supply chain environment demands unique, appropriate and specific solutions mixed with competency, capability, knowledge and skills. We have positively impacted the success of our clients and former employers with critical strategic thinking and action and solid business acumen.

Our procurement solutions fall within these categories


Sourcing assessment areas inclusive of spend, organization, process, contracts or all as part of a comprehensive transformation or centralization initiative. We provide recommendations and identify what is required to close the gap from current to desired state.

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Hands on effort in areas inclusive of strategic sourcing, contract review, process development, etc.

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Provide help with staffing or customized training on key developmental need areas.

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