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We are a company comprised of individuals who not only think strategically but know how to put thought into action in a manner to drive projects to successful completion in your specific environment, aligning with your competitive strategy and your stakeholder goals.

Former executives and professionals who understand business and cultural challenges and what is needed to overcome them for positive growth and forward movement… we also know when to say no, that won’t work… and come up with something that will to complete your objective.

Our experience tells us that opportunities within your operations lie waiting, wasting – use our knowledge and experience to better leverage your company and improve your bottom line. We work in companies that are in growth mode as well as those that are stagnant or struggling… we can find opportunities to improve and impact the bottom line in all environments!

A key principle we have built our business services on is ensuring that our solutions are sustainable and can be maintained by our clients. If desired and relevant, we ensure knowledge is transferred and our clients are educated for continued success.

We are focused on delivery not reports, we don’t leave you with volumes of paper and binders gathering dust or filling up your shredder, we are in the trenches providing sustainable, successful solutions and value add reporting. We work with internal teams whenever possible to help ensure a positive change experience and instill ownership in the culture.

Our recommendations to you will be based on what we would want to do if in your shoes aligned with what is feasible to accomplish. Client satisfaction is our driving passion. We treat every engagement with an unparalleled drive and commitment and we are personally and professionally vested in ensuring the best possible outcome for our clients. 

We have worked in global and domestic companies, large and small, in industries inclusive of Oil & Gas, Retail (luxury lifestyle, discount, home improvement, etc), Pharmaceutical, Biotechnology, Document Management, Media, Chemical, Manufacturing, Food & Beverage, Waste Management and Insurance. Our solutions can be tailored for any industry.


Bethany Brake - CPSM, MCIPS

Bethany has over 16 years’ experience in procurement/sourcing, restructuring and project management. Prior to starting her own consulting company, Bethany held a senior position at a major retailer with responsibility for indirect spend in excess of $775M. In this position, Bethany was significantly responsible for and involved in the centralization of indirect procurement as well as development and implementation of corporate sourcing policies, procedures and processes and systems to support the function.  Additionally, she played a critical leadership role during the Chapter 11 reorganization... personally identifying, developing and managing projects tied to bankruptcy emergence that led to near $300M in savings and cost avoidance.

In 2004, Bethany founded SynerKey, a niche consultancy with a focus on procurement and restructuring, and has assisted small to large organizations as a consultant and trainer, both through SynerKey and through larger global niche consulting firms, helping to transform and centralize purchasing functions as well as provide savings and improve bottom line costs and operational efficiencies. Bethany provides leadership, vision and creativity for small to large global clients across many industries. In 2014 Bethany formed York Procurement Group to further the foundation built with SynerKey.

Bethany has a unique ability to integrate seamlessly across industry, adjusting to cultural differences and modifying approach appropriately to the organization. She displays expert knowledge and insight in her experience in global procurement transformation initiatives, strategic sourcing, process efficiency, restructuring, spend analysis, procurement benchmarking and analysis, organizational analysis and assessment, contract review and assessment, negotiation and training.

Bethany earned a B.A from Michigan State University. She holds a CPSM (Certified Professional in Supply Management) from the Institute for Supply Management and the highest global standard of excellence in procurement, an MCIPS designation from the Chartered Institute of Purchasing and Supply (Member of the Chartered Institute of Purchasing and Supply).

Contact Bethany at Bethany@yorkpg.com