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These services can be provided after an assessment, as part of a transformation or centralization initiative or stand-alone… keeping in mind that even as stand-alone in many of the offerings some assessment will need to be conducted to ensure appropriateness of solution, integration and success.

In everything we do knowledge transfer is key – we do everything possible to empower our clients for their future. We work as a team with your internal contributors, ensuring results are maximized and our clients are provided with sustainable practices and results.

Sourcing Process Development

You have seen at least one sourcing process in your career, probably many… comprised of 5+ steps inclusive of a manual or electronic bid process.. Ultimately the framework always bears some similarity but what is most important for successful utilization is to lay a foundation that will work within your environment. The tools, processes and procedures that allow the process to integrate and flow. Equally and sometimes more important – internal education and communication to ensure adoption and success.

Process, Policy and Procedure Review, Development and Implementation

The move to centralized and strategic procurement organizations, along with the changes in sourcing technologies over the last ten years has led companies to revise, reinvent and create business processes that enable them to leverage new methodologies. Appropriately developed processes build profitability, agility, flexibility and productivity into your business. We focus on ensuring that developed procurement processes are in harmony with business priorities to ensure success.

We improve employee focus on core objectives and drive enterprise wide compliance to corporate policies – implementing process improvement solutions that will provide an immediate return on investment. Our professionals have experience developing and implementing functional procurement policies, procedures and processes across organizations. We have experience with all types of sourcing methodologies and can document your current process steps or assist in developing and documenting the best possible process to bring your procurement organization to a more robust and streamlined function.

If you need assistance with specific sourcing projects the below may be of interest:

Strategic Sourcing /RFx – Workload Assistance

You may have a large outsourcing project or other significant initiative that you don’t have internal expertise or capacity to conduct successfully or in the timeline required… we can help with the entire sourcing process or in conducting the Request for Proposal process.

  • Peak Workload. You’re at capacity and are experiencing an unusual peak in project load – it may not make sense to add an FTE, we can step in and assist.
  • Major Projects. Significant projects/initiatives require project management and day to day support over a period from 4-12 months, sometimes longer. It can be difficult or impossible to devote the time and effort to see through without a significant negative impact to the entire team.
  • Key Commodity. Many commodities only require sourcing effort every 3 or more years. You may not have the internal expertise or capacity to handle these sourcing efforts.  

Sourcing Strategy Development

Tailoring sourcing strategies to specific commodities and their importance to your business, not just market conditions and spend. We do not take a one size fits all approach with our clients, each is unique in their own way and we recognize and embrace that – developing sourcing strategies that clearly outline how the commodity will be managed and performance targets will be achieved, inclusive of competitive bid strategy/sole-source options, value add services, joint ventures and our collective experience and expertise.

Our hands on experience developing strategies for and negotiating thousands of deals is a great asset. The sourcing strategy development is most successful when done in conjunction with a deep dive spend/opportunity and contract analysis in which we take a very targeted dive into your goods and services spend.  We compile spend history and contract commitment along with commodity expertise inclusive of supplier information (current and potential), sourcing history and successes, market conditions, dependencies, etc. At the conclusion of this blended assessment we are able to provide our clients with very specific commodity strategy identification as well as targeted savings. We can assist with these sourcing efforts or leave the information with your internal team to conduct in a more informed manner than they would have been previously.

Contract Analysis

Our team has hands on business experience reviewing, writing, analyzing and negotiating thousands of contracts. This experience can prove to be a crucial asset. Our focus is getting the right solution – the best possible good/service at the right time for the best possible price. We have seen our competitors fail time and time again when focused solely on price… and have seen the pain experienced by the their clients due to this singular  focus. Vendor contracts are designed to fit their needs. We know where the potholes are, where your risks are, let us identify how to improve the contract to suit all parties. We can provide an overall review of your existing contracts or assist on a case by case basis for existing or pending contracts.

Negotiation Strategy and Execution

We are experienced negotiators… in a progressively more competitive business climate we believe that those who will survive and prosper are those who know how to negotiate with confidence. Confidence of skill, of information, of history, of data, of who you are negotiating with… we have the expertise and experience to develop the right strategy to ensure your success. Success on your strategic buys is not solely cost based, it is ensuring a successful and flexible contract that both parties can operate within for the length of the contract.

Project Management

We obviously know project management… we could not do what we do without this skill! We can help with project management on your complex sourcing projects and implementations. If you need help running a large scale strategic sourcing effort and implementing the solution… whether due to the impact to many business units or locations or due to some other level of complexity we can help to ensure all considerations are taken into account and ensure seamless sourcing and implementation.